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Complex Integrations
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CTO Board Experience Multiple Companies
Add Strength to your Next Raise
Enure you are on TOP of your Technology

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Engage at all Levels of Technical Ability
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Bachelor of Computer Science (Class 2a Honours)
Graduate Diploma Business Management (Technology)
Rhee Taekwondo Instructor – 20 years
Snowboard Instructor

Sports & Hobbies

Snowboarder – #6 in freestyle in Australia
(ok.. MANY years ago)
Avid Footballer (Soccer)
Guitar Player (Not very good)
Joe Satriani Fan and Memorabilia Collector

Andrew recently presented at one of our enterprise events “ Mobilise your Business”.

The organisations attending were at various stages of mobilizing their workforce across mobile devices and application platforms. The feedback from all representatives was exceptionally good. They greatly valued Andrew`s insight and deep understanding of software design, user centricity, and the benefits that can be gained through the deployment of these mobile applications.

We will certainly be asking Andrew and his team to participate again in the future.

Bryn Grainger Enterprise Mobility - Optus

I have had the pleasure to work with Andrew Longhorn on a particularly difficult project in Canberra from Oct. 2006 to Dec. 2006.

During this time, we were regularly called on to work in demanding conditions for long hours within a team that had several difficult and eccentric personalities, to produce high results in very tight time-constraints, quite often with broken air-conditioning, high noise levels, and many other negative factors contributing to the stress levels.

Despite the difficult conditions, Andrew consistently demonstrated superior time management, interpersonal, technical, and organizational skills. He is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to several key aspects of the project. The success of the project was heavily dependent on the ability of the team to work together and Andrew was a key person in helping to achieve this. He brought a wealth of knowledge to the project and was very helpful in bringing other staff members up to speed. He has superior written and verbal communication skills and got along extremely well with staff under his supervision, as well as colleagues at his own level.

Inderjit Rai Project Manager at City of Toronto

I was recently asked to present along side Andrew at a Mobility event for Macquarie Telecom.

I was highly impressed with Andrews presentation. He presents according to his audince. He knows how to work a room.

He knows his material and he captures the attention of the audience. His presentation was fun, engaging and very informative.

The feedback received was excellent!

Natalie Krivushenko NBN State Lead - Vic/Tas at Telstra

At an April 2013 mobility event in Singapore I had the pleasure of sharing stage time with Andrew.

For 45 minutes Andrew led an incredibly informative discussion around enterprise mobility, applications and the intelligent deployment of technology.

He genuinely combined intelligence and knowledge with excellent communication skills to create a truly engaging session – too often this phrase is a cliche – not in this instance – for me, it was one of the most valuable sessions over the two day event.

Tim Dillon Director - Tech Research Asia

Andrew is a conscientious consultant that strives for the best technology/solution outcome for his customers.

He is focused on solving an organisations biggest challenges and succeeds with technology and business acumen.

He is a formidable and compelling presenter. He was a supportive and helpful collaborative peer.

I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew for any role involved with consultation and acting as trusted advisor.

Roger Schmitt Staff Systems Engineer at EMC

Andrew’s attention to detail combined with his experience in software design, production and deployment is the reason for His success.

I have worked with many CTO/CIO’s over the years and I can with out reserve say that Andrew is exceptional.

His previous experience with Accenture, EMC and British Aerospace has given him a springboard that has accelerated his abilities in iApps as a start-up.

In finishing, Andrew quite simply has HEART, he is conscious of the people around him and is always mindful of the different currents and tides that revolve around the many participants and stakeholders who make up the development of a software product.

Rick Hoy Chairman and Director, iApps Pty Ltd

I admire Andrew’s ability to communicate complex and detailed technical solutions without losing focus on resolving to the underlying business outcomes.

As a commercial product guy I have often found myself in the situation where market opportunities were lost due to developers failing to understand the customer outcomes and taking too long to get to the market.

Andrew has showed me the opposite does exist. He is an exceptional leader combining experience, skills and passion to drive his team to deliver equitable and customer focused solutions.

Mark Schoneveld Business Owner Juicy Interactive Pty Ltd